The Words Of God

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Do you want your sunday school children remember The Words of God? Act daily based on The Words of God? Teach them how with games. They will learn guickly and happily with games.


  • Sunday school children always remember The Words Of God and do them in their life eventhough they face a lot of challenges
  • Sunday school children keep believing God and be faithful to Him
  • Sunday school children can work as a team

2 or more teams of children and each team has 2 or more kids.
3 teachers as facilitator at the first base, last base and time counter.

Duration of the game is about 15 minutes.

Teacher prepares some empty boxes and open their top cover. Then search a sentence from Bible verse and write each word of the sentence to a letter-sized paper. Finally distribute these words equally to the available boxes. Search 2 other sentences or more and do the same thing. Place each box to different locations which represented as base.

At the first base, each team gather around a teacher who becomes game facilitator. The teacher will give a Bible verse to each team and they must find it in Bible, read it and remember it. Start the timer right after each team receive Bible verse from the teacher. After that, each team must walk to the next base.

Each team will walk from base to base and collect 1 word or more from each base. Time is limited so they must find their words quickly at each base.
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Number of words at each base can be different. For example if there are 6 words and 4 bases, the combination can be 2-1-1-2, 1-2-1-2, 2-2-1-1 or other combinations.
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At the last base, each team must join words they have found altogether to become a full sentence as given at the first base. Stop the timer right after they have delivered their work. Teacher then will check their result and give their mark.
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Team with true complete sentence and fastest time to complete is the winner.

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